Tough Mudder PA #1

Tough Mudder PA #1 (Photo credit: The 621st Contingency Response Wing)

Maybe you’ve always wanted a child. Maybe this is an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe you FINALLY conceived. Whatever the reason, you’re expecting and it’s not going the way you’d hoped.

It’s okay to say that pregnancy stinks. There’s no sugar coating this. You’re in for a grueling fight. The next months, weeks, or days are not going to be easy. You will vomit. You will feel nauseated. You will struggle to stay hydrated.

It will be rough.

Yet there is hope. This will not last forever, and when it’s over it will be over. And you will have a lovely child–and a huge meal.

So for now, embrace the suck. And keep that little bit of hope in  your mind. It’ll keep you going.

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