Army Rangers in Action - Fort Benning

Army Rangers in Action – Fort Benning (Photo credit: anja_johnson)

Congratulations- you’ve been drafted. No one asked you if you wanted to suffer debilitating nausea for nine solid months. You were randomly chosen– one of the lucky 2% who are overachievers in the world of “morning” sickness.

Yes, it sucks. But think for a moment– you are a survivor, mama. Not only are you growing another human being, you’re still breathing. You’re still trying. You’re getting up every day and putting one foot in front of the other (even if you’re longest walk is to the bathroom for yet another porcelain-god worship session). Could most people do what you’re doing? I doubt it.

During my sixth month of pregnancy hell, my husband and I watched a series reality shows that chronicled the lives of recruits enrolled in some of the toughest military training. From the Green Berets to Army Seals, these men had to push themselves mentally and physically through weeks of intense training. After one episode, a lightening-bolt thought struck me: I bet not one of these tough guys could endure the grueling months of an hg pregnancy. Could even one of these soldiers fight through the clinging nausea, excessive vomiting, dehydration, constipation, ivs, medicine pumps, picc lines, weekly er visits… on top of all of the regular pregnancy issues women suffer? And let’s not even get into the pain of labor and delivery! In that moment, I felt a nudge better.

So suck it up recruit. It’s hell, and each day requires your mental and physical commitment to survive another day. But it will get better. And when it does, you’ll proudly wear the “hg survivor” badge.

P.S. What thoughts help you get through the day? Share your tips with other recruits who were pressed into service.

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