Surviving the Holidays

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Survival Strategy
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Baby on mother's belly right after birth, skin...

Baby on mother’s belly right after birth, skin covered in vernix and some blood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Mother’s Day. To celebrate, I’ve reconfigured the theme based on the feedback that everyone so kindly provided.

But let’s talk about you, hg mama. Right now, you’re down in the trenches, rendering punch after punch in the face of the worst foe imaginable: hyperemesis gravidarum. Holidays are a killer. We build them up in our minds as these nostalgic, fun-loving family times. When you have hg, however, there can be little fun on any day.

Here’s a few tips for getting through the holidays when you have hg:

  • Let other people make and bring food, do chores, and take care of the kids. People love to help. Let them.
  • Get some rest. As  much as you can. Stay in bed, slouch on the couch, soak in the tub. Wherever and however you can, close those baby blues and let yourself nap.
  • Find something fun to do. The less labor intensive the better. Do one scrapbook page, play an online video game, listen to a novel on cd/ipod. You don’t have to commit. For one day, find something fun and light.
  • Call a friend. Reconnect with a person that you haven’t been able to see lately. Don’t spend a lot of time talking about how you’re feeling.
  • Have your partner get some fresh lemons and put them in the bathroom (if you can handle the smell). The cleanness of lemons may perk you up when you’re puking it up in the room that came to be known as “The Vomitorium” in our house.
  • Put an ultrasound photo and/or a baby outfit on the wall near your bed. Look at it as inspiration– you’re doing this for your baby.

Have a very, happy Mother’s Day, and keep fighting. Hour by hour, day by day, you’re pushing hg further and further out of your life.

  1. Brooke says:

    Great ideas. Will give them a go if I get hg next time

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