Heroic Husbands (and significant others)

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Heroism
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Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos (Photo credit: Sean Choe)

When the hg was at its worst– for me weeks 8-22– I was anxious for my most recent ob appointment. I had to wait until the end of the day when my husband returned home from work so he could drive me to the doctor. Faced with yet another series of unsuccessful and torturous blood-drawing attempts, I had spent the day downing and throwing up massive amounts of water in the hope that I could rehydrate enough to help the phlebotomist tap a vein. It was a miserable day.

We arrived at the ob’s office only to find that she had cancelled my appointment fifteen minutes earlier and they couldn’t fit me in until the next week. I made it back to the car before I lost it. Tears upon tears and sobs upon sobs gushed from some place deep in my soul. My husband, who had driven an hour from work to home and then another half hour to the ob’s office simply let me cry. We turned on the car radio and the most depressing song came on. We laughed a little. He told me it would be okay.

The next day, his mother called to wish him a happy late birthday and I felt even worse– I had been so absorbed in my pregnancy-induced misery that I had forgotten his birthday. But you know what? He hadn’t said one thing. He simply settled me in bed, helped me change the medicine on my zofran pump, and cleaned up the puke-splattered bathroom floor. And while I felt miserable, my heart felt a little lighter because I knew I had someone in my corner, and I hope that you have someone, too.

P.S. I’d love to hear your stories of heroic loved ones who are helping you through your hg journey. Post a tale for us and renew our faith in humanity.

  1. Katrina says:

    My husband was a life saver too. Hyperemesis started for me at six weeks pregnant and went on at full throttle upto and including delivery.

    He would spend every second he wasn’t at work by my side taking care of me.

    He cleaned up my sick every single day, held me up over my sick bowl when I was too weak. My sickness was worse at night and he would always stay up at might with me, wiping away my tears, mopping up sick, wiping my brow.

    He never complained, although anyone could see how exhausted he was.

    On Christmas day my mum delivered a plate of Christmas dinner for him and he spent the day nursing me again, neither of us seeing family. He stayed positive and cheerful that day and every day, never ever complaining.

    He used up all his holidays either at the hospital with me or taking care of me at home, he is my rock and I could never have got through this without him.

    We had our first wedding anniversary 10 days before our son was born, looking back it was the hardest first year of marriage imaginable, but it has made us stronger.

    • hgsurvivor says:

      Katrina– Your words made my heart smile. I am so happy that you’ve got such a supportive and heroic husband. It sounds like you’re truly blessed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brooke says:

    So touching. I am truely blessed by my husband also. I feel so sorry for him. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person feeling like a burden. It was so hard to see him so exhausted. Preparing for the next time. Could not do it without him

  3. click says:

    Awesome post . Thanks for, posting on my blog mate. Ill email you soon. I didnt know that!

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