Never give up, never surrender!

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Survival Strategy
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The Grey

The Grey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Need some inspiration and something to take your mind off the nausea? Try renting The Grey, Liam Neeson’s film of survival in the Alaskan wilderness. I won’t give away any plot points, but I will say that the ending to this film that initially threw me. After a little thought, however, I realized that it wasn’t the ending that mattered. It was Neeson’s attitude that mattered.

Let me break it down– a group of oil workers survive a plane crash in the middle of nowhere, Alaska. They’re hunted by a pack of wolves. Neeson, however, has mad wilderness skills and is determined to survive. He faces arctic temps, ravenous wolves, injuries, the death of his friends, the memory of his dead wife… it doesn’t get much worse. At the end of the film, he faces “the grey,” the huge alpha wolf.

Despite all of the physical pain, the mental anguish, and the biting temperatures, Neeson is determined to fight– even if that means death.

Dealing with a persistent illness like HG requires a similar mindset. It’s not the end– that’s been predetermined: you’ll have a child and the hg will go away. It’s the journey– you have to keep fighting. Like Neeson, you’re facing both a mental and a physical battle. It is grueling. It is painful. It’s not fun.

But there’s hope. It will get better. You will deliver a wonderful child and you will heal. Please hold onto that. And don’t go on any Alaskan flights if you can help it– those wolves (in the movies, at least) are brutal.

P.S. What films have you found particularly inspirational? Help someone struggling by recommending your top flicks in a comment below.

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