Every Six Seconds

Every Six Seconds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone anticipates lots of spit up from a baby. No woman expects that, as a pregnant mama, she’ll be dealing with hypersalivation. This little-known pregnancy side effect is common with hg sufferers and can make life truly miserable.

The excess drooling is thought to be a natural reaction to the constant nausea and vomiting. For me, it served as an indicator of an upcoming worship session in the vomitorium, otherwise known as my bathroom. The more saliva in my mouth, the more likely I was to toss my cookies (not that I could keep them down, anyway). Some women deal with hypersalivation by carrying around a spit cup. I opted for the less environmentally-friendly strategy of collecting my saliva in tissues.

I hated this. You probably do, too. It’s not as bad as throwing up, but it’s so gross. Even writing about it has caused me to have flashbacks I’d rather ignore.

Here’s the thing– in life, you’re going to have to suffer through many situations that are unpleasant, to say the least. Labor and delivery is just around the corner, and that’s most likely not going to be a bowl of cherries, either. Yet you’re slogging through this unpleasantness for a reason: your unborn child. That’s HUGE. You are struggling, but it’s for a good reason– the most important reason of all time!

Since you’re already committed to this process, here are some ways to deal with hypersalivation. Maybe one will help.

  1. Sucking on hard candy (sour Jolly Ranchers helped me)
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Buy/rent a dentist sucker thing (people have done it)
  4. Always spit the spit out- swallowing can make you feel worse
  5. Sucking on peppermint candies
  6. Spit into a water bottle
  7. Use tissues
  8. Have you tried gingerale and crackers? (Just kidding!)

Have you had to deal with excessive spit and saliva? How did you cope? Share your strategies with others by posting a comment below.


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