Feeling discouraged?

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Survival Strategy

Frustration (Photo credit: Rajiv Ashrafi)

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged? There’s no simple answer. There’s certainly nothing I can say in a blog post that will make your illness go away. It feels futile sometimes, doesn’t it?

But there is hope. Surviving hg is about more than finding the right cocktail of medicine and treatment. It’s about fighting the discouragement you face every day. It’s training your mind to look beyond the nausea and focus on the future, when things will get better.

Developing this mindset isn’t easy. It’s not fun. But it is helpful. I remember feeling so discouraged that the zofran pump wasn’t making a difference in how I felt. It never really helped at all, and the sites grew increasingly red and painful. In that moment, I grew overwhelmed.

What I learned from that experience was that there is a way to fight the discouragement. By focusing on all of the positive things in my life, I can convince my mind that I have a lot to be grateful for. When I do that, I’m able to move the focus from the pain to something more positive– and I’m always surprised at just how many blessings are in my life.

Here are just a few:

  • I have a safe place to live.
  • I have adequate food and clothing.
  • I have a happy and healthy hg survivor baby.
  • I have a good job.
  • I have living parents and a sister.
  • I have a husband who works hard and who helps with the baby as well as housework.
  • I have wonderful co-workers.

What are you grateful for? Show us how counting your blessings will make a difference by posting a comment below.

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