Listen up soldier, and listen good. You didn’t volunteer to become a fighter. You were drafted into this war against your consent. You would have preferred a fluffy pregnancy– am I right? Well I have vital information that just might help you face the next battle.

English: German mortar emplacement in preserve...

English: German mortar emplacement in preserved trenches. Part of German forward line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each day you survive with hg is a victory. Why?

Surviving each day means:

  1. You have one less day to feel sick.
  2. You’re one day closer to holding your child in your arms.
  3. You’ve proven to yourself and those around you that you are a fighter.

So when you’re in the trenches, fighting the elements that make you miserable, dig your heels in. Roar out loud. Tell the constipation that you can handle it. Scream to the nausea that you’re not afraid. Laugh at the enemy. He can kick you, but he can’t kill you. Why? Because you’re a fighter with the most worthy cause in the world: your child.


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