When I was at my worst, unable to keep even water down, I spent hours online reading the stories of women who had survived hg. These were women who had lived to tell their tales, and they inspired me to hold on. The posts of women who just gave birth on the BabyCenter Hyperemesis Sufferers Community forum gave me an extra boost of strength by showing me that it was possible to survive this condition. I haven’t left that board, and yesterday my heart swelled as a former sufferer turned into a survivor.

She writes, “After 37 MISERABLE weeks, my 3rd and final child was born.” This woman survived Chloeostasis, gallstones AND hg. I’ve followed her journey through the forum, and am inspired by her strength and courage.

In one post, she writes of the joy she feels at being able to eat food: “I ate bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. I drank a whole glass of juice! It ALL  stayed down! I had a Starbucks frappuchino with lunch and that stayed down! I had a slice of key lime pie! And for my triumph? I have been drinking ice water like it’s going out of style! H2O is my friend again!”

The best part of reading her news, though, was looking at the image of her child. Baby Kien is pure joy.

When you’re feeling down, when you can’t take it anymore, when one more trip to the bathroom to puke is just too much… remember this hg mama’s words:

“My HG sisters….It does end! I am living proof! I did it and you will too!”

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