English: This tree was destroying by beaver. L...

English: This tree was destroying by beaver. Location Norway. The tree was 20–25 cm thick. Svenska: Bäver som gnagt av en björk vid en liten älv i Norge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As my husband and I strolled through a state park near Sturbridge, Massachutes yesterday, we noticed a beaver dam. The dam was near the edge of a tiny pool of water fed by a lake. Along the edges of the dam were trees that had been chewed through by the powerful teeth of some very determined beavers. Some of the trees were over ten inches in diameter, can you image trying to eat through a tree that wide? It struck me that it must have taken a lot of work for such a tiny creature to have felled these big trees, and then my brain made a connection: surviving hg is just like chewing through a tree.

Stick with me here: The tiny beaver needs the tree to survive. So it chews, and chews, and chews, chipping away at the tree until it falls. The task can’t be much fun, but is so part of their daily existence that they must instinctually keep at it. Surviving hg requires a similar process. We’re facing a huge challenge: months and months of nausea, exhaustion, constipation, dehydration, and vomiting. It’s impossible to tackle this challenge all at once. In order to survive, we must face it a little at a time.

That may mean forcing your mind to stop worrying about the upcoming glucose tolerance test, ultrasound, or blood draw. At times, putting worry out of our minds seems impossible, but breaking a huge obstacle into smaller pieces can make that obstacle seem manageable.

The next time you catch yourself drowning in worry, asking “how am I going to survive this pregnancy?” remember the beaver. He’s facing a huge tree. How will he cut it down? By chewing on it a little at a time. His teeth are used to the work; they’re razor-sharp from years of practice.

Get to work.

P.S. How do you tackle overwhelming circumstances? Share your strategies by posting a comment below.

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