Determined to find distraction

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Survival Strategy
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Scrabble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you have hg it’s hard to find something to distract you from the constant nausea. Watching tv doesn’t work– food commercials make you sick and the motion from most shows increases the nausea. Reading is out– you’re too tired from antiemetic medication and the act of reading gives you a headache, which affects the nausea. Your whole existence is weighted by the extreme morning sickness that most pregnant women experience for a little but that you struggle with all day, every day.

How do you distract yourself? Here are a few things to try:

1.) Paint by number kit: you can do it sitting down, and it requires a lot of concentration.

2.) A good, old-fashioned puzzle might do the trick.

3.) Books on cd/ipod: when I was really sick, one of my local librarians actually dropped off items at my house! (Audra rocks, by the way)

4.) An online game that doesn’t have a lot of fast movement like Texttwist or Scrabble.

5.) It may sound boring, but was fascinating for me: watching the birds outside my window. They have such personalities!

6.) Journaling can help your mental struggle, too.

7.) Scrapbooking: can be done sitting down, and involves critical thinking and creativity.

8.) Meditating: I haven’t done this (my mind darts from one thing to the next too much), but some women I know have found it helps to get quiet and think/pray.

9.) Talking: On the phone or in person.

10.) Color: It sounds silly, but it can be really fun.







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