Touch Me I'm Sick

Touch Me I’m Sick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe you’re just starting your hyperemesis gravidarum journey; maybeyou’re 36 weeks into your pregnancy. Wherever you are you’re probably familiar with the desperation that comes from tossing your cookies all day (and night).

When I had hg, I spent an insane amount of time researching this disease, trying to find that miracle cure that would take away the nausea. I felt like an animal trapped in a cage, a kid stuck on a roller coaster… however you put it, I felt trapped. I was desperate to try anything to feel better.

Looking back, I realize that I would have saved myself a lot of stress by accepting my condition. But trying to make sense out of this disease was a coping strategy, and if I were to have hg again I’m not sure I’d be able do it differently. Hopefully, I’d be able to find a balance between accepting the illness that hg brings and finding ways to understand why it’s happening to me.

If you’re there- in the midst of the illness, desperate for a cure- here’s my advice:

  1. Hold on. You will get better.
  2. Distract yourself from how you’re feeling. It’s like those old Chuck Norris movies: they torture the captured soldier to the point that his mind transcends the pain. Do that, only with the nausea. (I know, it’s easier said than done, and may not be possible. But try, my sisters in suffering).
  3. Allow yourself to do less, to rest more, and to dream of the wonderful feeling of holding your child in your arms.
  4. Know that you’re not alone. There are thousands of women, right now, who are suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Find the strength in knowing that you are not struggling alone.
  5. Ask for help. Forget thinking of yourself as a bother, ask anyone and everyone in your life to run errands, do dishes, babysit.. anything you need help with. It takes strength to ask for help, but you have that strength. You’re a fighter.

You are always in my thoughts, dear ones. Don’t give up. You can survive this.

P.S. I’m curious: what crazy things did you try to get rid of hg? Help others by posting a comment below.

  1. Kristen says:

    I had an interstate trip booked before I got sick and I thought there was no way I could go, but I did. I threw up as much as I did at home but at least I was throwing up somewhere new and interesting!

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