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When you spend most of your day in the bathroom, heaving up the crackers and ginger ale your mother just knew would make you feel better, it’s difficult to look on the bright side of things. When you have hyperemesis gravidarum, you barely have strength to get to the toilet let alone summon the energy needed to vomit for the tenth time that day. As if the constant nausea and hyper salivation weren’t enough, you’re saddled with common pregnancy complaints: swelling, back pain, perhaps carpal tunnel in your wrists. No one understands why you’ve isolated yourself from the world, no one understands that you’ve already tried every form of ginger and anti-nausea wives tale that exists. Hyperemesis gravidarum makes it impossible to see any silver lining in the cloud of nausea that follows you 24/7.

And yet… is there a bright side? When you’re fighting a chronic condition like hyperemesis gravidarum, it’s nearly impossible to remove yourself from the debilitating condition you’re in. I encourage you to try, even for a miniscule moment, to push aside how you feel and think about your future. When the baby comes, this illness will go away. You have hope. There is a light ahead of you. You have to battle through the darkness to get there, but there is no other disease I can think of that offers a happy ending like hyperemesis gravidarum.  When you deliver your child, you will have conquered your foe. There is no other ending.

So today, my sisters in suffering, try your best to keep the future in mind. Yes, your body is dragging you down and telling you that something is terribly wrong. Yes, everything hurts and you feel miserable and this isn’t the pregnancy experience you had imagined. Accept those things and focus on the road ahead. It’s dark, difficult, and lonely. It’s not easy. But that road leads to a beauty and joy that has the power to erase the suffering you’re enduring. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and believe.

  1. Iman says:

    Thank you for the soothing words, this is exactly what I needed to read 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Yes, this is exactly what I needed to hear myself ❤

  3. Angie says:

    I was diagnosed with this the first time I was expecting. 18 years old. It was awful and no doctor seemed to really care enough. I ended up losing my baby because of health issues. Here I am a year later. Pregnant again. First 2 weeks after finding out were fine. But here it comes again! Husbands scared out of his mind. This time I decided to do some research. And this page came up. I just felt a slight sense of calmness and its nice to know I’m not alone and that it will be worth it in the end<3 thank you.

  4. Christina says:

    Angie, speak to your doc about the Zofran pump. I am on my 3rd PG, had HG during my 2nd pregnancy and was on the Zofran pump for a couple of months. This helped wonders. After a couple of weeks on the pump I was able to eat, had less vomiting and less nausea. I had bouts of energy where I was able to tend to my first born. Yes it was horrible having to poke myself but the relief was great. Unfortunately, it has started back up. I am approaching 9 weeks and the past 2 weeks have been miserable for me. Zofran dis-solvable tablets are offering no relief so I have decided to submit for the pump again. Hopefully my insurance will approve and I will be on ASAP. Best of luck.

  5. Mammybear says:

    I went through the hell of hyperemesis with my first baby girl 5 years ago, nobody could really understand just how horrific those 9 months were! I was sick all day everyday up until the day she was born, even during labour! So I’m pregnant again, 5 weeks now and today I woke up feeling sick! I am so scared that I will have to suffer the same awful pregnancy again when all my friends have such lovely pregnancies! I went down to 6 stone at 8 weeks last time, was in and out of hospital with the lowest moment being when a vitamin drip was placed in my foot because my veins had collapsed from dehydration! But at least this time I know the joy that a baby will bring and that it really does just disappear as soon as the baby is born. So I need positive vibes now, no sickness for me please!!

    • hgsurvivor says:

      Sending lots of positive vibes your way, Mammybear!

      • Mammybear says:

        Thank you! So far so good! Had a couple of bad days but mostly just feel a bit sick in the morning so I think I’ve avoided the hg!! 12 week scan this week! Am a bit like a zombie with the fatigue but so happy to be able to eat this time round! 😀

  6. Steph says:

    So happy to read this. 4 months pregnant with my first and suffering HG. I so badly have wanted to have someone to relate to what I am going through. When I try to tell people how badly I want to drink water and know that I need to but just can’t keep it down I know they don’t understand. It should be easy to drink water, but truth is, it’s not! People don’t understand it’s not normal morning sickness and the things that worked for them like ginger ale and crackers aren’t going to help.

    At times I really felt like even after baby is born I will still feel this way, because it has been 3 months of this. It’s so refreshing to hear that you don’t have symptoms anymore, it will go away and you will feel human again!

    Thank you!

  7. toridwaters says:

    Is there anyway to delete my comments?

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