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Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Janeway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve all heard the phrase “too much television will rot your brain.” But right now, tv may be all you have, a thin thread connecting you to the outside world.

My advice? Embrace it. Avoid food shows, commercials that advertise food, or anything else related to the consuming of nutrients. It will only make you sick. Instead, dive into a series you’ve always wanted to see. This is the one time in your life when you can allow yourself the luxury of being a complete couch potato.
Much of my eight months of nausea was spent in bed, laptop on the nightstand, old episodes of Star Trek: Voyager playing away. I watched all seven seasons of the show. Let’s see… at about twenty episodes per season… that’s a lot of Captain Janeway.

As embarrassed as I am to admit that I escaped to the Delta quadrant for so long, I’m glad to share if it helps someone else slog through another day.

So go ahead– visit that strange island from Lost, save the country with Jack Bauer, or go for the gold and start with the 1937 episode of Guiding Light. Getting your mind off how crappy you feel just might help you survive to fight another day.

P.S. What’s in your Netfilx queue? Share what you’re watching with a comment below.